Train groups in writing skills: from staff training to organizational development

When you systematically train staff in business communication skills, a tipping point is reached. All business documentation becomes clearer, and personal development turns into organizational development.

How our corporate training works

Could we make it any easier? We don’t think so.
  • You tell us how many people you want to train over the next 12 months.
  • All we need is the name and email address of the person who will manage the group.
  • Your group manager sends an invite by email to your learners.
  • All learners have 60-180 days to complete their online training (depending on the course) from the date they first log in. 

Staff training in writing skills: typical content strategy

A typical Contented client first tries our training with 20-50 staff, then increases the numbers. Most clients link Contented training with a new IT project, CMS, intranet or web site. Others train all new employees to give them work-ready business communication skills.

Case studies of group training
Benefits of our training for organisations, managers and individuals

Why you should train the largest group possible

  1. For maximum impact, we suggest you train either one-third of employees who write at work, or at least 200. Successful organizational change depends on reaching a tipping point. If you train only a few intranet writers, the effect can vanish. But train enough staff writers and the entire workplace culture can change.
  2. When a large number or a large percentage of your staff gain modern writing skills, the improvement in your organization’s business documents will be obvious. Other benefits such as better customer service and higher productivity follow rapidly. That can’t happen if you train only a few staff writers.
  3. You don’t need to name all your learners immediately: you can take 12 months to enrol them. 
  4. The more people you train with Contented online writing courses, the less you pay per person. Contented e-learning courses are flexible and fully scalable: training 200 employees is as simple as training one, and a whole lot cheaper.

Prices and tips for group training

See our prices for groups of up to 100, knowing that larger groups get larger discounts.
Contact us to discuss your training and development needs.
Tips for managers training intranet content authors or web writers.