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We're a well-established online college of modern communication, teaching digital writing skills. Pioneers in web content development, we have worked in this field since the late nineties. Our award-winning short courses teach web writing, social media writing, web accessibility and technical writing skills for corporate training and continuing professional development (CPD).

  • A highly focused, growing, innovative New Zealand company
  • Founded in 2006 by Alice Hearnshaw and Rachel McAlpine
  • Over 6000 learners so far in 48+ countries
  • All Certificates (5 hours) and Diplomas (10 hours) accredited by CPD Standards Office in the United Kingdom
  • Funded by NZ Government through two NZ Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) development grants
  • On the New Zealand Government Common Web Services Panel
  • Winner of TUANZ Innovation Award (Education) 2007
  • Satisfied customers: 45% re-order within a year
  • Outstanding content: 92%+ of learners finish their courses.

Our core business: digital writing courses for professional development

We provide quick training in web writing, social media writing, or any other digital communication. You'll find our high-impact professional development courses easy to follow, easy to manage, and instantly useful at work. Up-to-date, crystal clear, and fully scalable for group training. 

Corporate training the easy way:

  • Generous discounts for groups
  • Scalable: train one or train 1,000
  • A 5-course certificate is equivalent to a 1-day workshop
  • Buy for a group, then take 12 months to name learners.

Content strategy services

We also provide web content strategy services for clients in government, education and business. We specialise in accessibility audits for English-language web sites, reviewing them for compliance with WCAG 2.0 or national accessibility standards. We are on the New Zealand Government Common Web Services panel as a supplier of web technical writing services and web accessibility audits.

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